Our prives are valid from January 1, 2022.

Healthcare workers receive a 25% discount on the price of the devices.


First consultation10 000 HUF
First treatment (documentation, taking documenting pictures, imprinting)30 000 HUF 
Removable device60 000 – 80 000 HUF

Devices fixed to the outer surface of the teeth (the price is per tooth arch) 

Metal 160 000 HUF
Ceramics (white, tooth-colored) 260 000 HUF
Teflon-coated white sheet for porcelain braces (per sheet)10 000 HUF
Application of fixed devices30 000 HUF
Regular inspection, fixing (monthly)20 000 HUF

Invisible braces (the price is per tooth arch)

Invisible devices fixed to the inner surface of the teeth 450 000 HUF
Inspection, readjusment of invisible device (every 6-8 weeks)25 000 HUF
Completion of treatment (fixation of achieved status) 80 000 HUF
Yearly inspection after the completion of treatment10 000 HUF
Fixing device repair at annual inspection (if necessary)20 000 HUF

Tooth preserving treatments

Deciduous tooth filling 15 000 HUF 
Filling 25 000 HUF 
Groove closure (preventive treatment against tooth decay of permanent teeth)15 000 HUF

 Other treatments

Tooth removal 20 000 HUF 
Tooth-jewellery 25 000 HUF 
Tooth whitening40 000 HUF 
Trainers (protective trainer for sports, trainer against gnashing of teeth, fixing trainer) 50 000 HUF 

Oral hygiene advice and treatments

Tooth scale removal
floss and polishing strip cleaning,
tooth polishing, then
fluoride treatment of tooth surfaces.
 25 000HUF 

Dr. Virág Gabriella, Völgyi – Orthodontist (+36-20/972-41-16)

Orsolya, Bomba - Dental hygienist (+36-30/658-44-03)

Zoltánné, Molnár -Patient representative (+36-20/489-95-52)