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Jól körbe néztem a környéken és örülök, hogy a fogszabályozásom
Dr. Völgyi Virágra bíztam, nagyon kedves és hozzáért?, id?pontokban is rugalmasak és árban is szerintem az egyik legjobbak.

Nagyon kedves, ember központú az ellátás. Mindenképp ajánlani tudom.

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Before embarking on the long and cumbersome procedure of orthodontics, I visited several specialists in Budapest. I ended up in Tata. The journey is fast and smooth. But the most important is that the treatment is free from all the anxiety that the thought of "dentist" and "treatment" can trigger from a person. The office is really European quality, quiet and intimate, the flow of treatments are calming. I feel safe because I know I am in the best place. The small team of BelleDent is flexible and adaptable for my schedules, moods and personality as well. The service is really exclusive, the end result speaks for itself, it is worth smiling out into the world!

Tímea, Erdélyi